Términos y condiciones generales de contratación de servicios y política de privacidad

Privacy Notice

Date: 17/12/2020


RECORDARI LTD takes your privacy seriously. That is why we will only use your personal information to provide you with the products and services you have requested, as well as to administer your account. We will not sell or share your information with third-parties you grant us explicit permission to do so, and we will never use your personal data for any reason other than the reasons described within this policy.

About our privacy policy

Our privacy policy outlines your relationship with our company and explains in detail how we use the information that you provide us with.



RECORDARI LTD is the trading name of RECORDARI LTD , which is registered in [COUNTRY OF INCORPORATION] and registered with the UK’s Information Commissioner’s Office under the Data Protection Act 2018. Our data controller is [NAME OF DATA CONTROLLER], and we encourage you to get in touch with any questions you may have about RECORDARI LTD .


You can reach us by:


  • Post: RECORDARI LTD 71-75 Shelton Street, Covent Garden London WC2H 9JQ
  • Telephone: +34662149056
  • Email: info@recordari.co
  • Website: www.recordari.co

Changing your preferences

If you’d like to change your web, contact or marketing preferences, you can do so at any time. Simply contact us at [EMAIL ADDRESS] to request the necessary amendments.

How we do business

RECORDARI LTD is committed to upholding and maintaining your personal rights. We operate our business in-line with the European Union’s General Data Protection Regulation and observe your rights to change or withdraw your opt-in options at any time. As part of our ongoing commitment to uphold your rights, RECORDARI LTD will also extend advice on how you can issue formal complaints to relevant authorities, such as the Information Commissioner’s Office.

Sensitive data


RECORDARI LTD does not collect any sensitive data about you. Sensitive data refers to (but is not limited to) information about your race or ethnic background, religious or political affiliations, trade union affiliations, sexual orientation, criminal background or health background.

Who our privacy policy applies to

This privacy policy has been developed to inform users of RECORDARI LTD how we use their data. RECORDARI LTD is a [DESCRIPTION OF BUSINESS], and we need to process the data of individuals to offer our products and/or services. Bearing that in mind, our privacy policy applies to any and all individuals registered with us as a user, customer, administrator or in any other capacity.



What information this policy applies to

There is a lawful basis for processing your data, and this section of our privacy policy outlines how this applies to the personal information you provide us with or allow us to collect.

The information this policy applies to includes information that you:

  • Provide as part of any registration process
  • Provide as part of any campaign creation activity
  • Provide in the form of numerical data, metadata or communications
  • Give us as part of our ongoing relationship


This policy also applies to information that we:


  • Collect relating to how you interact with our website
  • Must process to complete purchases and other transactions


Please note that when you submit personal data on our website, you are giving RECORDARI LTD your explicit consent that we can use that data in line with our privacy policy.


After giving RECORDARI LTD your consent, you are free to amend your consent or withdraw your consent at any time. You have the right to object to the processing of your data. To opt-out, change your preferences or revoke your consent, simply contact us by emailing info@recordari.co

Data processing and storage

RECORDARI LTD collects and stores data in the UK. We will store your data for a period of 3 years after your last recorded login attempt unless otherwise noted and explicitly stated.

RECORDARI LTD stores data relating to transactions, payments and orders for a period of up to seven years. This period may be extended under certain circumstances as part of our ongoing commitment to comply with UK and international law.

We use carefully selected and recognised third-parties to help us take payments, provide commerce services and manage company accounts. Some of these third-parties may operate outside the European Union.

RECORDARI LTD may process your data based on more than one legal ground.

Circumstances under which we may be required to process your data under more than one legal ground may include:

Reason Data type Legal basis
Customer registration Identity and contact information To carry out a contract we’ve made with you
Processing and/or delivering your order Identity, contact information, financial information, financial and transactional data To carry out a contract we’ve made with you and to exercise our legitimate interests to recover debts owed
To manage our customer relationship with you Identity, contact information, marketing and communications preferences To carry out a contract we’ve made with you, to comply with legal obligations and to exercise our legitimate interests to keep our records updated


Marketing and communications

RECORDARI LTD may send you marketing communications if you have given us your contact details and opted-in to marketing communications.


You can opt-out of these marketing communications and manage your preferences at any time.

Our company obligations

As a data controller, RECORDARI LTD is legally responsible for the data you provide us with. In honouring that responsibility, we pledge to uphold our commitments under GDPR and the Data Protection Act 2018.


We will only ever use your data:


  • In ways that are both fair and legal
  • As described within this policy
  • In ways that are necessary for the purposes described


In addition, RECORDARI LTD processes the personal data you submit to us or we collect as a data processor. As part of this role, RECORDARI LTD takes all necessary precautions to secure the personal data we collect, process and store.


We may occasionally use the data you provide us with for marketing, relationship management or account management activities. These activities are designed to ensure you have adequate information about other products and/or services we offer, that we have reason to believe you may be interested in. You have the right to opt-out of these activities at any time.





RECORDARI LTD never shares your personal data with third-parties unless those parties have been explicitly mentioned within our privacy statement.

Our security

As part of our ongoing commitment to GDPR, RECORDARI LTD will report any security breaches or attempted breaches to the relevant authorities within 24 hours. We will subsequently contact all those affected by the breach within 72 hours of its occurrence.

Legitimate interests

As part of the Data Protection Act 2018, RECORDARI LTD observes the right to share selected information with third-parties that use data for non-marketing purposes. This could include (but is not limited to) organisations that provide credit assessments, identification services and fraud prevention activities.

Contact us

RECORDARI LTD is committed to upholding your rights. If you have any questions, comments or concerns about this privacy policy or wish to exercise your rights in relation to your personal data, please contact Daniel Ortega at RECORDARI LTD .

We will process any request within 20 days. Subject Access Requests are normally performed free of charge, but we may need to charge individuals for excessive or unreasonable data requests.

These general terms and conditions regulate the contractual relationship between RECORDARI LTD and THE CLIENT.


The purpose of these terms and conditions is to regulate the provision of services for the display, dissemination and administration of virtual and physical obituaries, tributes and posthumous recognitions to deceased persons from now on THE SERVICE through the website www.recordari.co hereinafter LA PLATFORM, by the service provider RECORDARI LTD with address in the UNITED KINGDOM London, 71-57 Shelton Street, Covent Garden, WC2H 9JQ, which hereinafter will be referred to as RECORDARI, services indicated in clause two of this document.


THE PLATFORM is a virtual space with complementary services created to communicate and pay tribute to the people who have died, hereinafter THE HONORED, this tribute of specific characteristics depending on the contracted format, will be offered by people or companies from now on THE CLIENT to be seen and supplemented by relatives, friends and acquaintances from now on THE USER, who will be able to see the information contained there and leave their messages of condolence or images (depending on the format). The service will be offered in the formats and characteristics that are explained below:

OBITUARY: It consists of a basic profile where RECORDARI, THE CLIENT or THE USER will publish a basic file with information about THE HONORED, including at least his full name, date of death and city, without prejudice to the possibility of including other data that are optional in this format as a photo, age, city and date of birth. This version is free and will have a maximum duration by default of one year that can be extended only when changing to the TRIBUTE version.

TRIBUTE: It consists of the paid version and premium profile of THE PLATFORM that, in addition to the information contained in the OBITUARY version, will have a maximum of up to 10 photos, a tribute text of up to 500 characters, visual design of the tribute with pre-designed options of the that the client may choose one at a time without prejudice to the fact that they may change them several times during the term of THE SERVICE, information regarding the date, time and place of the vigil, mass, burial, cremation, novena and / or anniversary mass (s), messages of condolence that may be published by THE CLIENT and THE USER, which for the latter must be approved by the CLIENT unless the latter expressly authorizes the publication of all content published by the users of the PLATFORM. THE CLIENT will be by default the administrator of the file without prejudice to the fact that these administration rights may be assigned and / or claimed by the family member (s) with the highest degree of consanguinity or affinity, who for all purposes will be considered as the owner of the information and will be prioritized in the order: spouse, children, parents or siblings as appropriate, in any case THE CLIENT has the right to assign the administration of this file by making the respective request to RECORDARI. This format will eventually have a private message module so that users can directly contact THE CLIENT without the message being public to site visitors but as a direct message. THE CUSTOMER and when previously authorized THE USER will receive by email a tribute-type reminder for the anniversary date of the HONORED’S death, as well as for the anniversary of his birth.

The creation of the administrator profile will be in charge of THE CLIENT prior to the publication of the posthumous tribute (s) and obituary (s) with information on the deceased person from now on THE HONORED, said profile must contain their information Personal and contact information that will not be used for purposes other than contacting you regarding the contractual relationship derived from the hiring of THE SERVICE and for the administration of the file, unless it explicitly accepts that it is used for other advertising or commercial purposes. The duration of this file will be up to 3 years from the moment of publication after verification of the information and payment.

The services described above are offered in a joint, complementary and inseparable way to each of the CUSTOMERS registered through the service activation form of THE PLATFORM that will correspond to a single commemorative card, so that, even if THE CUSTOMER hires, publishes or manage several commemorative tokens, he must contract and manage each commemorative token separately. Being a joint, complementary and inseparable service, the non-use of any (s) of the services by the CLIENT will not be considerable in any causal case for the reduction of rates.

Other services provided by associated third parties as deemed appropriate RECORDARI:

  • Physical floral arrangements delivered at home.
  • Basket
  • Physical condolence card.
  • Lawyer service.
  • Service of attention and psychological support for grief.
  • Social media cancellation service.
  • Collection of life insurance.
  • Testament search.
  • Inheritance management.

In the case of these last complementary services, the responsibility of RECORDARI is limited in means and not in results, the objective is to make these services available to clients and users, connecting them with appropriate providers according to the geographical area where the delivery of the provision of the service, in any case the terms, conditions and claims derived from this relationship will be dealt with directly by the company providing the service and not by RECORDARI.

PARAGRAPH FIRST: RESPONSIBILITY FOR THE CONTENT AND COMMITMENT OF TRUTH – The content published on THE PLATFORM regardless of the format will be the sole and exclusive responsibility of the person who shares it, whether it is a CLIENT and / or USER, by accepting these terms and / or making a publication in The platform accepts and certifies that the information contained therein is true and undertakes to the best of its understanding to respect the memory, honor and good name of THE HONORED, his friends, family and other relatives, in any case said information may be verified , approved or eliminated by RECORDARI, without prejudice to any other legal actions that may arise.

SECOND PARAGRAPH: RIGHT TO REQUEST REMOVAL OR MODIFICATION – The right of the published information will belong to THE CLIENT, even so, said right may be claimed at any time by the family member with the highest degree of consanguinity or affinity that will be prioritized in the marital order, children, parents or siblings as applicable, if THE CLIENT is not the relative with the highest degree of relationship and the latter makes the request for removal or modification, THE CLIENT will be notified via email of this request and will have 15 calendar days where You can choose between the transfer of the right of the token or the elimination of it, in any case THE CLIENT understands that this is not grounds for claiming a total or partial refund of the canceled value or of the remaining time of the advertisement.

THIRD PARAGRAPH: RENEWAL – Within the description of the service you will find an option where it is specified that THE CLIENT may or may not accept the automatic renewal of their service at the time of the first contract. The provision of the service previously offered will depend on the initial term contracted or, failing that, on the renewal of the service, in any case (initial or renewal) the service is subject to payment of the rates established in this document. Special rates, promotions and the like will be reported directly to THE CLIENT for their consideration and acceptance, clarifying the general conditions of that service.


THE SERVICE will have a maximum duration of 3 years that will start from the moment that THE CLIENT fully accepts these terms and conditions, completes and sends the service activation form and the payment has been made and identified in our system. In any case, the client will be notified of the activation date that will be understood as the beginning of the service and the beginning of the 3 years.

In the case of renewals, these will be carried out automatically under the same conditions unless either party notifies the other within a period of no less than 30 calendar days prior to the renewal date, of its intention not to renew it or that By mutual agreement different conditions are agreed. In order to ensure the agreement between the parties, 60 days before the renewal date RECORDARI will send an email to remind the client that they have 30 days to renew or not their service.


The cost of the TRIBUTE format will be 50 euros + VAT that will be payable by the CUSTOMER prior to the publication of the advertisement, without this payment and the verification by RECORDARI about it, the publication of the file will not be made and it will not be understood as contracted the service. The payment will be made automatically through the platform and the electronic options available such as Paypal or credit card, once the process required by the entity to generate the payment has been carried out, the client will be notified when the payment has been received and accepted and You will be sent an email confirming the activation of the service with the corresponding electronic invoice.

The service is contracted for a maximum period of 3 years without prejudice to the fact that it may last less by decision of THE CLIENT or RECORDARI derived from a breach of these terms and conditions or any of the regulations published on THE PLATFORM that are an integral part of the This agreement, so the CLIENT expressly accepts that he understands and accepts that the amount paid corresponds to a global value that cannot be claimed in whole or in part once the service has started, the number of services contracted not being reducible even when these have not been used.

For the other services offered directly by RECORDARI, the cost and duration conditions will be the same, up to 3 years of duration that will depend on the duration of the card, the published prices must be added the value of the VAT applicable in Spain and the payment It must be done prior to activating the service through any of the digital payment platforms.

  • RECORDARI responsibilities

RECORDARI undertakes to provide the services contracted by THE CUSTOMER referred to in the second clause SERVICES of this document, in the event that any news occurs with the provision of the service, RECORDARÍ undertakes to put all its knowledge to resolve it correctly the appropriate way, as well as to constantly implement prevention and improvement actions to which it sees an opportunity in order to ensure quality of service.

REMEMBER in its commitment to the veracity of the information, the protection of honor and the good name of THE CLIENT, THE USERS AND THE HONORED, reserves the right to withdraw the death tribute card or any content published on THE PLATFORM.

  • Responsibilities of the CLIENT

The responsibilities of THE CLIENT and THE USER are:

  • Read, understand and fully accept these terms and conditions and submit to them, as well as any other conditions or regulations published on www.recordari.co
  • Exempt RECORDARI from responsibility for any content published here, with the understanding that the service provided is medium.
  • Respond to any claim that may arise due to the content you have provided on THE PLATFORM.
  • Ensure the veracity of the information provided and shared through THE PLATFORM
  • Respect at all times and sense the dignity, right to honor and good name of all people and companies on the platform including, but not limited to USERS, CLIENTS, HONORED, ALLIES and others, abolishing the use of language that could be understood as offensive and / or aggressive, making comments and / or accusations in bad faith in any of the spaces of THE PLATFORM.
  • When you have contracted TRIBUTE service, you undertake (to the best of your abilities) to keep the information updated and allow other users to participate in the memorial by reviewing and authorizing or denying the publication of the content that other people would like share.
  • Assign voluntarily and in good faith or, failing that, request the closing of the tribute file when there is a request for the administration of a relative with a higher level of consanguinity or affinity according to what is expressed in the SERVICE clause.
  • Declares that the use of THE PLATFORM is not related in any way to an illegal activity that attempts against RECORDARI, its USERS, CLIENTS, HONORED, ALLIES or any other third party.
  • Not to publish and / or endorse the publication of ANY content, whether text or multimedia, that could include language or content that could be considered obscene, pornographic, libelous or libelous that could affect other users or other people. In the same way, do not publish any content contrary to the rules
  • the European community or the international community.
  • Not to offer products or services of any kind on the platform, including private messages to the administrator.
  • Not to publish content that could affect the corporate purpose, image and good name of RECORDARI.
  • Not to publish content of external origin, such as artistic, scientific or any other type of works that could or are protected by intellectual and industrial property laws.
  • In any case, THE CUSTOMER or (depending on the case) THE USER will be entirely responsible for the damages that may be caused to RECORDARI or to any third party derived from their publications and the veracity of the information they share on THE PLATFORM.

This contract may be assigned solely and exclusively with the express consent of RECORDARI, complying with the requirements that this present to ensure the correct management of the information and content. The expenses incurred in the event of an assignment may not be resold by the CLIENT.The assignment is a voluntary and free assignment of rights for the person with the highest degree of affinity or consanguinity with THE HONORED according to the parameters defined in the second clause of this document.

*******************************EN ESPAÑOL*********************************************


Los presentes términos y condiciones generales reglamentan la relación contractual entre RECRODARI LTD y EL CLIENTE.


Los presentes términos y condiciones tienen por objeto reglamentar la prestación de servicios de exhibición, divulgación y administración de obituarios, homenajes y reconocimientos póstumos virtuales y físicos a personas fallecidas en adelante EL SERVICIO por medio de la página web www.recordari.co en adelante LA PLATAFORMA, por el prestador del servicio RECORDARI LTD con domicilio en REINO UNIDO Londres, 71-57 Shelton Street, Covent Garden, WC2H 9JQ que en adelante se denominará como RECORDARI, servicios indicados en la cláusula dos del presente documento.


LA PLATAFORMA es un espacio virtual con servicio complementarios creado para comunicar y rendir tributo a las personas que han fallecido, en adelante EL HOMENAJEADO, este tributo de características específicas dependiendo el formato contratado, será ofrecido por personas o empresas en adelante EL CLIENTE para ser visto y complementado por familiares, amigos y conocidos en adelante EL USUARIO, que podrán ver la información allí contenida y dejar sus mensajes de condolencia o imágenes (dependiendo el formato). El servicio será ofrecido en los formatos y las características que se explican a continuación:

OBITUARIO: Consiste en un perfil básico donde RECORDARI, EL CLIENTE o EL USUARIO publicaran una ficha básica con información de EL HOMENAJEADO incluyendo al menos su nombre completo, fecha de defunción y ciudad, sin perjuicio a que se puedan incluir otros datos que son opcionales en este formato como una foto, edad, ciudad y fecha de nacimiento. Esta versión es gratuita y contará con una máxima duración por default de un año que podrá ser prorrogable únicamente al cambiar a la versión HOMENAJE.

HOMENAJE: Consiste en la versión paga y perfil premium de LA PLATAFORMA que adicional a la información contenida en la versión OBITUARIO contará con un máximo de hasta 10 fotos, un texto de homenaje de hasta 500 caracteres, diseño visual del homenaje con opciones prediseñadas de las que el cliente podrá elegir una a la vez sin perjuicio a que las pueda cambiar en varias ocasiones durante el plazo de duración de EL SERVICIO, información referente a la fecha, hora y lugar de velación, misa, entierro, cremación, novenario y/o misa de aniversario(s), mensajes de condolencia que podrán ser publicados por EL CLIENTE y EL USUARIO que para este último deberán ser aprobados por el EL CLIENTE a menos que este autorice expresamente publicar todo el contenido publicado por los usuarios de la PLATAFORMA. EL CLIENTE será por default el administrador de la ficha sin prejuicio a que estos derechos de administración puedan ser cedidos y/o reclamados por el(los) familiar(es) con mayor grado de consanguinidad o afinidad, quien para todo efecto será considerado como el titular de la información y será priorizado en el orden: conyugue, hijos, padres o hermanos según corresponda, en todo caso EL CLIENTE tiene derecho a ceder la administración de esta ficha realizando la respectiva solicitud a RECORDARI. Este formato contará eventualmente con un módulo de mensaje privado para que los usuarios puedan contactar de manera directa a EL CLIENTE sin que el mensaje sea público para los visitantes del sitio sino como un mensaje directo. EL CLIENTE y cuando sea previamente autorizado EL USUARIO recibirán por correo electrónico un recordatorio tipo homenaje para la fecha de aniversario de la muerte de EL HOMENAJEADO, así como para su aniversario de nacimiento.

La creación del perfil de administrador estará a cargo de EL CLIENTE previo a la publicación del (los) homenaje(s) póstumo(s) y obituario(s) con información de la persona fallecida en adelante EL HOMENAJEADO, dicho perfil debe contener su información personal y de contacto que no será usada para fines diferentes a contactarle respecto a la relación contractual derivada de la contratación de EL SERVICIO y para la administración de la ficha a menos que este acepte explícitamente que sea usado para otros fines publicitarios o comerciales. La duración de esta ficha será de hasta 3 años desde el momento de la publicación previa verificación de la información y el pago.

Los servicios anteriormente descritos se ofrecen de manera conjunta, complementaria e inseparable a cada uno de los CLIENTES registrados a través del formulario de activación de servicios de LA PLATAFORMA que corresponderán a una sola ficha conmemorativa, por lo que, aunque EL CLIENTE contrate, publique o administre varias fichas conmemorativas, este deberá contratar y administrar cada ficha conmemorativa por separado. Al ser un servicio conjunto, complementario e inseparable, la no utilización de alguno(s) de los servicios por parte del CLIENTE no será considerable en ningún caso causal para la reducción de tarifas.

Otros servicios prestados por terceros asociados según considere apropiado RECORDARI:

  • Arreglos florares físicos entregados a domicilio.
  • Cesta
  • Tarjeta física de condolencia.
  • Servicio de abogado.
  • Servicio de atención y acompañamiento psicológico para el duelo.
  • Servicio de cancelación de redes sociales.
  • Cobro de seguros de vida.
  • Búsqueda de testamento.
  • Gestión de herencias.

Para el caso de estos últimos servicios complementarios la responsabilidad de RECORDARI es limitada de medio y no de resultado, el objetivo es poner a disposición de los clientes y usuarios dichos servicios conectándoles con proveedores adecuados de acuerdo al área geográfica donde se requiera la entrega de la prestación del servicio, en todo caso los términos, condiciones y reclamaciones derivados de esa relación serán atendidos directamente por la compañía prestadora del servicio y no por RECORDARI.

PARAGRAFO PRIMERO: RESPOSABILIDAD SOBRE EL CONTENIDO Y COMPROMISO DE VERACIDAD – El contenido publicado en LA PLATAFORMA sin importar el formato será responsabilidad única y exclusiva de quien la comparta bien sea CLIENTE y/o USUARIO, al aceptar estos términos y/o realizar una publicación en la plataforma acepta y certifica que la información allí contenida es veraz y se compromete en lo mejor de sus entendimiento a respetar la memoria, honra y buen nombre de EL HOMENAJEADO, sus amigos, familiares y demás allegados, en cualquier caso dicha información podrá ser verificada, aprobada o eliminada por RECORDARI, sin perjuicio de las demás acciones legales a las que pudiera haber lugar.

PARAGRAFO SEGUNDO: DERECHO DE SOLCITUD DE REMOCIÓN O MODIFICACIÓN – El derecho de la información publicada será de EL CLIENTE, aún así dicho derecho podrá ser reclamado en cualquier momento por el familiar de mayor grado de consanguinidad o afinidad que será priorizado en el orden conyugue, hijos, padres o hermanos según aplique el caso, si EL CLIENTE no fuera el familiar en mayor grado de relacionamiento y este último realizara la solicitud de remoción o modificación, EL CLIENTE será notificado vía correo electrónico de esta solicitud y dispondrá de 15 días calendario donde podrá elegir entre la cesión de derecho de la ficha o la eliminación de la misma, en cualquier caso EL CLIENTE entiende que este no es causal para reclamación de reembolso total ni parcial del valor cancelado ni de el tiempo restante del anuncio.

PARAGRAFO TERCERO: RENOVACIÓN – Dentro de la descripción del servicio se encontrará una opción donde se especifica que EL CLIENTE puede o no aceptar la renovación automática de su servicio al momento de la primera contratación. La prestación del servicio anteriormente ofertado dependerá del plazo inicial contratado o en su defecto de la renovación del servicio, en cualquier caso (inicial o renovación) el servicio se encuentra sujeto al pago de las tarifas establecidas en el presente documento. Las tarifas especiales, promociones y similares serán informadas directamente a EL CLIENTE para su consideración y aceptación aclarando las condiciones generales de ese servicio.


EL SERVICIO tendrá una duración máxima de 3 años que iniciaran desde el momento en que EL CLIENTE acepte en integridad los presentes términos y condiciones, diligencie y envíe el formulario de activación del servicio y el pago haya sido realizado e identificado en nuestro sistema. En todo caso el cliente será notificado de la fecha de activación que será entendida como el inicio del servicio e inicio de los 3 años.

Para el caso de las renovaciones, estas se realizarán automáticamente bajo las mismas condiciones a menos que cualquiera de las partes notifique a la otra en un plazo no menor de 30 días calendario previo a la fecha de renovación, de su intención de no renovarlo o que de mutuo acuerdo se pacten condiciones diferentes. Con el objetivo de asegurar el acuerdo entre las partes, 60 días antes de la fecha de renovación RECORDARI enviará un email para recordarle al cliente que cuenta con 30 días para la renovación o no de su servicio.


El costo del formato HOMENAJE será de 50 euros + IVA que serán pagaderos por el CLIENTE previo a la publicación del anuncio, sin este pago y la comprobación de parte de RECORDARI sobre el mismo, no se realizará la publicación de la ficha y no se entenderá como contratado el servicio. El pago se realizará de forma automática a través de la plataforma y las opciones electrónicas disponibles como Paypal o tarjeta crédito, una vez realizado el proceso requerido por la entidad para la generación del pago el cliente será notificado cuando el pago haya sido recibido y aceptado y se le emitirá un correo electrónico confirmado la activación del servicio con la correspondiente factura electrónica.

El servicio se contrata por un periodo máximo de 3 años sin perjuicio a que pueda durar menos por decisión de EL CLIENTE o de RECORDARI derivado de un incumplimiento de los presentes términos y condiciones o cualquiera de los reglamentos publicados en LA PLATAFORMA que forman parte integral del presente acuerdo, por lo que el CLIENTE acepta expresamente que entiende y acepta que el valor pagado corresponde a un valor global que no podrá ser reclamado de manera total ni parcial una vez iniciada la prestación del servicio, no siendo reducibles el número de servicios contratados incluso cuando estos no hayan sido usados.

Para los demás servicios ofrecidos directamente por RECORDARI las condiciones de costo y duración serán las mismas, hasta 3 años de duración que dependerán de el tiempo de duración de la ficha, a los precios publicados deben sumársele el valor del IVA aplicable en España y el pago deberá realizarse previo a la activación del servicio por medio de alguna de las plataformas de pago digital.

    • Responsabilidades de RECORDARI

RECORDARI se compromete a prestar los servicios contratados por EL CLIENTE de los que hace referencia en la cláusula segunda SERVICIOS del presente documento, en caso de que se presentara alguna novedad con la prestación del servicio, RECORDARÍ se compromete a poner todo su conocimiento para resolverlo de la forma adecuada, así como a implementar de forma constante las acciones de prevención y mejora a las que viera oportunidad en orden de procurar la calidad en el servicio.

RECORDARI en su compromiso con la veracidad de la información, la protección de la honra y el buen nombre de EL CLIENTE, LOS USUARIOS Y LOS HOMENAJEADOS, se reserva el derecho de retirar la ficha de homenaje de fallecimiento o cualquier contenido publicado en LA PLATAFORMA.

  • Responsabilidades del CLIENTE

Son responsabilidades de EL CLIENTE y EL USUARIO:

  • Leer, entender y aceptar integralmente los presentes términos y condiciones y someterse a los mismos, así como a cualquier otro condicionado o reglamento publicado en recordari.co
  • Eximir a RECORDARI de responsabilidad sobre cualquier contenido aquí publicado entendido que el servicio que se presta es de medio.
  • Responder ante cualquier reclamación a la que pudiera haber lugar por el contenido que haya suministrado en LA PLATAFORMA.
  • Asegurar la veracidad de la información suministrada y compartida por medio de LA PLATAFORMA
  • Respetar en todo momento y sentido la dignidad, derecho a la honra y buen nombre de todos las personas y empresas en la plataforma incluyendo, pero sin limitarse a USUARIOS, CLIENTES, HOMENAJEADOS, ALIADOS y otros, aboliendo el uso de lenguaje que pudiera entenderse como ofensivo y/o agresivo, realizando Condolencias y/o acusaciones de mala fe en cualquier de los espacios de LA PLATAFORMA.
  • Cuando hubiese contratado servicio HOMENAJE, se compromete (en lo mejor de sus capacidades) a mantener actualizada la información y permitir a otros usuarios la participación en el memorial por medio de la revisión y autorización o denegación de la publicación del contenido que otras personas quisieran compartir.
  • Ceder voluntariamente y de buena fe o en su defecto solicitar el cierre de la ficha de homenaje cuando hubiera una la solicitud de administración de un familiar con mayor nivel de consanguinidad o afinidad acorde a lo expresado en la cláusula de SERVICIO.
  • Declara que el uso de LA PLATAFORMA no está relacionado en modo alguno con una actividad ilícita que atente contra RECORDARI, sus USUARIOS, CLIENTES, HOMENAJEADOS, ALIADOS o cualquier otro tercero.
  • No publicar y/o avalar la publicación de NINGUN contenido sea texto o multimedial que pudiera incluir lenguaje o contenido que pueda considerarse obsceno, pornográfico, injurioso o calumnioso que pudiera afectar a otros usuarios o a otras personas. De igual manera no publicar ningún contenido contrario a las normas
  • de la comunidad Europea o de la comunidad internacional.
  • No ofertar productos o servicios de ninguna índole en la plataforma, incluyendo mensajes privados al administrador.
  • No publicar contenido que pudiera afectar el objeto social, la imagen y el buen nombre de RECORDARI.
  • No publicar contenido de origen externo, como obras artísticas, científicas o de cualquier dipo que pudieran o estén protegidas por leyes de propiedad intelectual e industrial.
  • En todo caso EL CLIENTE o (dependiendo el caso) EL USUARIO será enteramente responsable por los daños y perjuicios que pudiera generar a RECORDARI o a cualquier tercero derivado de sus publicaciones y de la veracidad de la información que comparte en LA PLATAFORMA.

El presente contrato podrá ser cedido única y exclusivamente con el consentimiento expreso de RECORDARI, cumpliendo con los requerimientos que este presente para asegurar la correcta gestión de la información y el contenido. Los gastos incurridos en caso de cesión no podrán ser revendidos por parte del CLIENTE la cesión es una cesión voluntaria y gratuita de derechos para la persona de mayor grado de afinidad o consanguinidad con EL HOMENAJEADO de acuerdo a los parámetros definidos en la cláusula segunda del presente documento.